Email Campaigns

Email campaigns

Simple to use email solution – fully integrated with the Simply Marketing online store:

Enables you to create and send attractive HTML emails to clients, manages your email lists and provides full email reporting including ‘open’ and ‘click through’ rates.

So, you know who has opened your emails, which links they’ve clicked, who has unsubscribed and which email addresses have ‘bounced’ – giving you a strong audit trail against your service and fee proposition commitments and providing further evidence of service.

You can use the pre-designed client template to send client updates or subscribe to the range of client newsletters, Economic Reviews and Property Market Reviews.

It’s easy to upload your email list and send your first email – but in case you need a bit more help, we have produced a full guide, or you can use our managed service.

Click here to view our email solution user guide.



The email solution is provided at an annual cost of £50 plus VAT. You can then additionally choose to subscribe to the client newsletters, Economic Review or Property Market Review* items which will then be added to the email solution for you and can be sent via a standard email broadcast.

Email sends are subject to a small additional charge, £7.50 for a send of 250 email addresses.

To subscribe or to find out more call 01279 882519 or email

* Newsletter, Economic Review and Property Market Review items cost £40 each.
All costs plus VAT.

In order to use some of the literature with clients you need to have the correct permissions.

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