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Template, custom-made or bespoke

Today’s consumers have embraced the use of mobile devices, social media platforms and the internet to engage with businesses, seek information and carry out transactions. This means that having a website is essential for most advisory firms, whether it’s a hygiene factor for credibility and professionalism or a key part of your marketing strategy and activity.

To cater to member and client firms’ different requirements, we have further extended our website offering. Our new NextGen 3.0 range is an upgrade of the original NextGen sites launched in 2016, which are now used by many hundreds of firms. NextGen 3.0 provides a choice of updated, modern template designs alongside brand new image collections. Prices start at just £20pm and – as before – there’s no set-up fee. Click here to read about the different features our sites offer and click here to read about the Mortgage site features.

Firms with a strong brand and identity will probably want a site that’s more tailored to their needs – so we’ve introduced custom-made sites. For just £1,750, we can create a custom-made site just for you.

If you want a fully bespoke site, which is perfect for larger firms with very specific requirements, we can also help. Prices typically start at £3,500.

All of our websites can be populated with pre-written, pre-approved pages describing the services you offer, along with topical, news and Insights content. Click here to read about more about our website content options.

Your website will sit on the new Marketing Management Platform, enabling integration with our email facility and your social media accounts.

To find out more, please email or call 01279 882519.

VAT to be added to all prices quoted.

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