Custom-made websites

Custom-made websites

Custom-made sites are the perfect solution for those wanting a more tailored website, at a fraction of the cost of a fully bespoke website.

We’ve identified the key sections that make up wealth management or advisory websites. We call them ‘blocks’ and we’ve created different versions of each block. We will have a telephone briefing session with you, after which we’ll have a better understanding of the type of site that you want, and what sites you do and don’t like. As part of this process, we’ll help you to identify the right blocks for your site. We’ll then develop the design for you and select appropriate imagery and, once approved, we’ll build your site for you.

It won’t be a fully bespoke site, but it will be unique and match your firm’s brand and identity. Custom-made sites cost just £1,750 plus VAT (this is a one-off initial cost) plus the ongoing monthly costs, covering hosting and the bolt-ons you select, i.e content and publishing tools. The bolt-ons will cost the same as for a template site.

The good news is that you’ll still be able to populate your site with our pre-approved services content as well as news and topical articles. It will sit on our Marketing Management Platform and can be integrated with our email and social media publishing tools.

As with our NextGen 3.0 sites, you will need to commit to a 12-month agreement.

To find out more or to order your custom-made site, call 01279 882519 or email

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