NextGen 3.0 has arrived...

NextGen 3.0

When you order a NextGen 3.0 site, you’ll receive a modern, professionally written website with a new selection of images and more functionality to establish your online presence, as well as access to our newly launched Marketing Management Platform, which offers integrated email and social media tools to help you kickstart your marketing.

We launched our NextGen sites in early 2017. They have proven extremely popular and have provided an excellent solution for hundreds of firms wanting an online presence. However, the pace of change in the digital landscape is staggering, and with technology moving on fast we have embraced the need to develop our offering and keep up to date with current digital and technological trends. So, we’ve launched NextGen 3.0.

How it works

Step 1 – choose your website

The first step is to choose which NextGen 3.0 site you want – Professional or Advanced. You can read about the differences between the two here. You will also need to choose your preferred design and which services pages you want on your site.

Step 2 –  personalise it

The next step is to  decide which image collection your site will feature. We’ll add your logo and adopt the colours that reflect your brand and of course add your contact details.

Step 3 – add bolt-ons

Having chosen the NextGen 3.0 site you want, you’ll need to decide whether you want any ‘bolt-ons’ added to your site, including news, topical and Insights content and our publishing tools.

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