The Week in Review

7th July 2020

We introduced the Week in Review in March. It has proved to be very popular.

Designed to provide an overview of the previous week’s news, it not only covers the impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown, it also reviews the impact on the markets and the national and global economies.

The publication was provided free for subscribers to the Communication Package. Similarly, it was also added to a news section on NextGen websites and linked to a generic sub-domain.

Many other firms, who aren’t subscribers to the Communication Package or a NextGen site, choose to purchase it on an ad hoc basis.

As the impact of the pandemic will be felt for some time, and because it has proved to be a very popular publication, we intend  continuing with it in its current form until at least the end of August, at which time we will review it.

If you haven’t seen The Week in Review and would like to do so, please email or call 01279 882519.

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