Communication Package

A cost-effective way to access all the content you need to communicate with clients and prospective clients.

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For just £65 a month you can have unlimited downloads of the following items in PDF and HTML formats* from the SimplyMarketing store:

The package subscription cost also includes the set-up cost for the SimplyMarketing store with your bespoke panel and access to the email facility. There is only an additional charge on the email facility if you wish to send out a campaign, which is £5 per campaign and 1p per client.

Special Offer : £650 per year if paid upfront

*Printed copies available at an additional cost. Package subscribers receive 10% discount on our normal print prices. For print prices please click here.

In addition, we produce a series of guides which can be added to the package for £100. More information can be found here.

We also produce a monthly Business Review which can be added to the package for £150pa.

For more information or to book an online demo (it will take just 20 minutes of your time) please contact us on 01279 882519 or email – we’re happy to help!

To use some of the literature with clients, you would need to have the correct permissions.

Client Communication Package - find out more

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