Inheritance Tax Calculator

Our Inheritance Tax Calculator is designed to help your clients work out their potential inheritance tax (IHT) liability. By completing the information in the calculator, they can see how much their family could be liable to pay in inheritance tax to HMRC when they die.

Indicative Lifetime Mortgage Calculator

Our Indicative Lifetime Mortgage Calculator will provide your clients with an indication of the total they could release from their property and is applicable for new customers only. It is only an indicative figure and does not constitute an illustration.

Pension Taxation Calculator

This tool is to help clients understand their tax position in the current financial year when taking a one-off payment from their pension. It is for illustration purposes only.

Quick Income Calculator

Our Quick Income Calculator enables your clients to see the different levels of income their pension savings could deliver using combinations of cash withdrawals, guaranteed income for life (annuity) and flexible income (drawdown).

Longevity Calculator

Our Longevity Calculator can help give your clients an indication of how long they may live, based on their age and the quality of their health. It’s based on complex data from the UK Pensions Industry* – but it’s important that clients know that their results aren’t set in stone – they are just an indication of how long they may live.

Junior ISA calculator

This calculator provides information on the amount clients could save into a Junior ISA, based on the monthly savings amount and the period of savings.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

This calculator provides information on the cost per month and the total cost over the life of the mortgage (the term), for the amount your clients want to borrow.

Retirement Budget Planner

Our Retirement Budget Calculator will help your clients to understand their income sources and expenditure throughout retirement, thereby identifying any shortfall in their income requirements.

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