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All NextGen 3.0 sites come with access to our ‘services’ page content – pre-written and compliance approved content focusing on the services you offer clients. As with all the content we offer, it’s pre-approved. We update this content for you as and when necessary – you don’t need to do a thing. There is also the option of adding this content to a custom-made or bespoke site. Of course, for all our sites you can choose to add content that you’ve written yourself, or that you’ve commissioned us to write.

Many firms also want further content added to their website, such as topical news. You can choose the amount and type of additional content you want featured on your site. You just add the cost of your chosen content to the cost of your website. To make this easier, we have also created special bundles, which combine the most popular elements for a reduced price. Click here to read more about all the different content package prices and options.

Topical articles (add £20pm to your website cost)

Up to two*, pre-approved topical articles per week added automatically to your website. You can choose from the same range of categories as the services pages on your website, such as savings and investments, protection and mortgages.
* The actual number you get will depend on the number of categories you select

Topical and News publications (add £40pm)

The topical articles plus:

  • monthly Economic Reviews
  • monthly Property Market Reviews
  • monthly Residential Property Reviews
  • Budget Updates
  • Tax infographics

All added automatically to your website when they are published.

Insights (add £25pm)

A library of campaign content covering timeless topics, such as ISAs, Inheritance Tax, mortgages and protection. Each campaign includes at least three items such as articles and infographics. Each item is accompanied by a snippet (short piece of content) for use in emails and a social media post. With some template designs, a promotional image will appear on your home page to promote the campaign and encourage visitors to read about the campaign.

You will be able to access and publish the content via the dashboard on the Marketing Management Platform, so you can decide which topic you want to promote and when. New campaigns will be added each month.

You can also add our Publishing tools

Please note VAT will be added to all costs quoted.

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