What does a NextGen 3.0 site look like?

New, modern design options

We have developed new, modern template designs to give you more choice. The designs can be personalised to meet your firm’s needs, with your logo, brand colours and contact details. Simply click on the images below to see the NextGen 3.0 demonstration sites. The calculator and digital services pages haven’t been included on the demo sites, they will be added to sites when we build them. The new Insights content option is being launched in January.

NextGen 3.0 sites will also be available for mortgage firms, with specialist text. Please call 01279 882519 or email simplymarketing@tomd.co.uk to find out more.





* Please note, the nature of the Evolve design means that you will need to provide your logo in EPS format. If you don’t have your logo in this format, we may be able to create it for you. There would be an additional charge for this.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us by calling 01279 882519 or emailing simplymarketing@tomd.co.uk.

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