A selection of images for your website

A choice of image collections

You can now choose from brand new image collections to feature on your site. Here are examples of the types of images from the new image collections, the ones asterisked are also available on mortgage sites:

happy child girl running with a kite at sunset outdoors





A person's hand protecting family figures with red roof on wooden desk Panoramic image of Millenium bridge and St. Paul's cathedral across river Thames in the morning in London, UK. Toned panoramic image.
Black & White

City of London


White panoramic boardroom interior with a concrete floor, a long wooden table and white chairs as seen from a lobby. 3d rendering mock up Green Business Businessman Inspiration Peaceful Concept





Rear view of active couple bikers in professional sportswear riding cross country bicycles down on the mountain road under bright blue sky with clouds on summer day in the Carpathian mountains. Stock market chart. Abstract graphic. Light of financial stock market numbers on night city and colorful background



Money & Finance*


parents with son in a wheat field. father and son having fun outdoor in wheat field Businessman looking graph and summary report on digital tablet screen with analysis data result.



Savings & Investments


To see more examples from the IFA website collection, please click here and the mortgage collection click here.

All you need to do is choose which collection you want and we’ll upload the images to your NextGen 3.0 site. Once your site is live, you can easily change from one collection to another. Or, of course, you can choose to add images of your own instead.

Please note that while NextGen 3.0 sites allow you to add your own images, you must have approval from the owner of the image before you add it to your site. If you add any images of your own, The SimplyBiz Group and our web partners unfortunately cannot be held responsible for its use or licensing rights. If you are unsure, we would suggest removing it!

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